2024 Hospital
Financial Assistance Report

Why Hospitals Must Reimagine Financial Assistance Before It’s Too Late

Hospitals are in the eye of a perfect storm

With public sentiment reaching a boiling point, amplified by stories of CEO salaries juxtaposed against “insufficient” charity care and emotional stories of patients navigating a maze of medical debt, hospitals are in the crosshairs of the storm's epicenter.

As a hospital CEO, CFO, CMO, RCM leader or board member, understanding and optimizing your financial assistance program isn't just about compliance. It's about protecting your institution and enhancing patient care.

Explore Our 2024 Hospital Financial Assistance Report

Discover invaluable insights from our comprehensive survey. We dive deep into the current state of hospital financial assistance and present strategies for improving the patient financial experience and protecting your hospital.

What's inside:

  • The Evolution of U.S. Hospital Financial Assistance
  • Navigating the Storm with Optimized Financial Assistance Programs
  • Survey Insights: Understanding Patient Needs and Awareness
  • Overcoming the Stigma of "Charity Care"
  • Improving the Patient Financial Experience
  • Leadership's Role in Financial Assistance Success

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Revenue in Bad Debt 
Financial Assistance Programs Help Hospitals Find Hidden Revenue in Bad Debt 

In the aftermath of the pandemic, every nonprofit hospital in the United States is burdened with increasing amounts of bad debt. But many of those hospitals are underutilizing one of the best tools for fixing this problem — an already-established financial assistance program. 

Charity Care Screening Mandates
Federal Hospital Charity Care Screening Mandates: Is Your Hospital Ready for the Change?

As these legislative shifts send shockwaves, there emerges a crucial question: Is your hospital prepared to navigate this complex and evolving regulatory landscape? Read on to learn how hospitals can get ahead.

How Hospitals can prevent bad debt
How Hospitals Can Help Prevent Medical Debt 

Local governments around the country are using Covid relief funds to eliminate medical debt for their communities. But Covid relief funds are not a long-term solution. Provide training to your teams on how to communicate with patients to make it clear that financial assistance is available and encourage those who may qualify to apply.